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I’m a wife and mama of three and here at Grace Loves we’re building a community of incredible women passionate about strengthening our faith in God, discovering the joy of daily Bible reading (yes, it’s possible!), building strong families, and living an intentional life of purpose and contentment. 

 Wanna join us on this exciting journey?

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Let's talk about Faith

Are you feeling truly satisfied with your faith life, or is there room for a bit more warmth and inspiration in your daily walk with God?
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Moving on to Family

Family life – it’s a beautiful whirlwind of love, laughter, and occasional chaos. But hey, is there a tiny voice inside whispering that maybe, just maybe, a dash more intentionality could make those family moments even sweeter?

And finally... Purpose

Let’s talk purpose – that incredible, unique calling God has placed on your heart. Are you sensing that God might be stirring up a new dream and a new vision for your life?


Ignite faith, strengthen families &
fuel purpose.


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