Raising Girls

In last week’s Sunday Times Style magazine, there was an article called “The Freedom to choose” which was an extract from author, Steve Biddulph’s new book, “Raising Girls”.

As a mother, to my precious almost 3 year old girl, I read it with great interest. He writes that after 40 years of feminism, girls should know “deep in their bones that they are valuable and unique”, and yet “they have never been more insecure. Sexualisation is a problem seen in every primary school.”

He then went on to give some very good practical solutions for how we as parents can counteract the barrage of information that is being offered to our daughters. Two of the solutions were to do with television, because as the author said “TV is your child’s teacher for thousands of hours of their formative years… It’s like their third parent.”

Some of the solutions that he gave were:

  •  No TV in the bedroom
  •  Consciously decide what you view
  •  Make your home a haven
  •  Shared meals at fixed times – with no TV
  •  One-to-one time, with just Mum, or just Dad
  •  Great celebration of birthdays – not expensive, but with time, effort and care

This article really challenged me as a Christian mother to not only commit to praying for my daughter and my son every day, but also to be intentional about the quality time that I spend with each of them on a daily basis.

I love the bible verse in Jeremiah that says:

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart.”

This verse tells us that we were each set apart by God. That we, and our children, are indeed valuable and unique.

We designed our “Set apart” cards so that you can bless and celebrate with the special little boys and girls in your life. Is there a little one you can bless today?